The Apartment,
AlterEgo and Vision Distribution
in collaboration with SKY,
in collaboration with Netflix
Produced by Lorenzo Mieli
and Stefano Sollima



A film by

Stefano Sollima

Directed by

Stefano Sollima


Stefano Sollima


Vision Distribution


Manuel, a sixteen-year-old boy, tries to enjoy life as much as he can while taking care of his elderly father. A victim of blackmail, he attends a party to take photos of a mysterious individual. But, feeling he’s been cheated, he decides to run away, finding himself embroiled in affairs far beyond his power. He thus finds himself chased by blackmailers who turn out to be extremely dangerous and determined to eliminate what they consider an inconvenient witness. Manuel realizes he is entangled in something that is bigger than him and he will be forced to ask for protection from two ex-criminals, old acquaintances of his father.

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